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My Psycho Ex debut album was released in 2007 within 6 months of the band forming.  High-Fi Raw, this live off the floor analog recording of the band in it's inception is magnificent and true.  Honest to the self, honest to rock n roll.  This is a tribute to a time which is no longer and will never be again.  Performed by those who lived it.  AGT Music Co. is beyond proud to be re-releasing this Canadian independent rock treasure

My Psycho Ex is a rock and roll band from Toronto, Canada formed in 2006 by Joe Kelly Jr., Adrian Tavis Toulmin and Ryan English. My Psycho Ex released their debut self titled album in 2007 with Producer Clifton David Broadbridge and later released the EP Coyotes (2013) again with Clifton David Broadbridge.  Jay Chianfrini and Nick G provided bass on those albums respectively. My Psycho Ex put out two magnificently honest and dynamic rock albums. Canadian rock treasures from under the moonlight of downtown Toronto. In the future this will be old school.